Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Mode Fully Detailed To The Bone

EA has released several gameplay details about Star Wars Battlefront new Fighter Squadron Mode detailing the available ships and the mode’s features.

Fighter Squadron Mode will allow you to jump in the cockpits of some of the most iconic Star Wars ships like X-wings, A-wings, TIE fighters, and TIE Interceptors. It will also feature up to 20 players in a single session with the addition of AI controlled ships flying around on each team, helping them to achieve victory.

“The fact that there are AI-controlled enemies that need to be taken down means that players who aren’t ace pilots still can help out their team. Fighter Squadron is definitely for everyone, and you’ll feel right at home if you’re a fan of the Star Wars starfighter battles,” says Forsman.

The mode’s main goal is achieving 200 kills in the time limit and if you don’t then the team with most kills win normally. In addition to trying to rank up kills, you will also be trying to either destroy the opponent’s team shuttle or protecting your own and in either cases, you will be rewarded with points.

There will also be power up and a special power up. The normal power ups will include ship repairs or decrease in cool down times of your weapons. The one you should definitely try getting is the special power up that will allow you to fly a Hero starfighter according to which team you are on.

“For the Rebels, the Hero starfighter is the Millennium Falcon. The Imperial team will get to pilot Slave-1, made famous by Jango and Boba Fett,” Peter Forsman explains.

Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron mode might be one of the most exciting modes in the game and will prove to be entertaining to Star Wars fans once the game launches on November 17 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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