Final Bloodstained Stretch Goal will allow players to play as the game’s bosses, game fully funded

We all know Bloodstained is making a crapton of money, in fact it recently became the highest funded Kickstarter game of all time. The developers after announcing one stretch goal after the other to keep up with the pace of funding they’ve been getting have decided to call it a day and announced the game’s final stretch goal.

The final stretch goal target at $5.5 million will add a “Boss Revenge Mode” allowing players to play as the game’s bosses. Below are the details:

  • Control several different bosses
  • Utilize their special attacks to wreak havok
  • Explore a new BOSS REVENGE area
  • Turn the tables and defeat “Hero” Bosses in your pursuit of humanity’s destruction

The goal had been hit just a couple of hours ago with the Kickstarter ending at $5,545,991.

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