Final Fantasy XV Update 1.15 Is Now Live, Adds Assassin’s Festival DLC And Bestiary

Final Fantasy XV is getting a new update today and it is a rather substantial content update that not only adds some neat features to the game, it also implements support for Chapter Select, Bestiary and the free Assassin’s Creed crossover DLC that is set to go live sometime later on August 31st.

Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy 15 x Assassin’s Creed crossover DLC at Gamescom last week. The DLC is free to play for everyone and adds a couple of hours of worth of content to the game. The DLC can be accessed from a special menu at the title screen.

The update is also live on PS4 and Xbox One and it is around 4 GB in size. The following changes are confirmed to be included in the new update.

  • Implementation of a chapter select (available after completion of the main game)
  • Addition of a bestiary (accessible from the Archives in the Main Menu)
  • Master Assassin’s Robes for players with a Dream Egg (unlocks upon loading a save)
  • Opening of the Assassin’s Festival (until January 31, 2018)
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from third photo contest (viewable at Mother of Pearl in Galdin Quay)
  • Various bug fixes

The Assassin’s Festival DLC is not yet live on the PlayStation Store but expect to see it go live soon as the official launch date is August 31st. If you already have the Dream Egg from the Final Fantasy XV Moogle Chocobo Carnival Festival, you will be able to use the Master Assassin’s Robes in the game ahead of the DLC release

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