Final Fantasy Agito headed for iOS/Android, Re-imagined FF Type-0

Prior to being announced for the PSP, Final Fantasy Type-0 was known as Final Fantasy Agito XIII and was in development for mobile platforms. Today, leaked scans from the upcoming issue of Japanese magazines Famitsu have revealed that Agito will still see the light of day on iOS/Android in the form of a prequel to Type-0. Given the big push towards mobile platforms, it’s likely that Square Enix may eventually bring Type-0 to iOS/Android (and possibly the Playstation Vita), along with western localization.

Characters from Final Fantasy Type-0 are clearly visible in the scans below, implying that Agito is more along the lines of a direct prequel as opposed to being loosely related to the PSP game.

Hajime Tabata, known for his work on Crisis Core and Type-0, will be taking the producers char joined by Takeharu Ishimoto returning as head composer while the direction will be lead by Masayasu Nishida who worked on Star Ocean games.. Final Fantasy Agito is expected to arrive on iOS and Android this Winter (late 2013- early 2014) in Japan, an intentional release has yet to be announced.

Update: It seems that the game is an alternate take on Type-0 instead of a prequel.

Update #2: More details are coming in as fans translate the scans.

The game will be Free to Play but players can of course buy in-game items using real money, to recover Energy Points which are used up when taking up machines, revive during said missions and Gacha items. Players will create their own characters in the game instead of using Class Zero, players will get chances to improve relationships will certain characters in the game which in-turn will help them out.

Graphics in Final Fantasy Agito are improved from Type-0 thanks to the much improved hardware of newer iOS and Android devices.

Type-0’s original cast will be making a comeback but they will this time instead be in different classes. Returning characters Ace, Rem, and Jack will be joined by newcomer Myuu Kageroh who will be voiced by Haruka Tomatsu.

The game’s main story this time around will be told in chapters and will evolve as you play along thanks to community voting, player decisions and feedback. Players will get access to new chapters every two weeks, ten days in those two weeks will be for solo missions will the rest of the four days will be for co-operative play with players working together to beat bosses.

The Jobs system will be making a returns will characters being able to learn specific skills related to their chosen Jobs.

Expect a full interview with Tabata-san on Famitsu’s website soon, we’ll be sure to post some highlights so stay tuned.

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