Final Fantasy Explorers Light demo announced

Final Fantasy Explorers for 3DS will have a demo for the game. Known as Final Fantasy Explorers Light, the demo will cover the prologue of the full game. Final Fantasy Explorers Light features support for local multiplayer and online multiplayer. In addition to the announcement of the demo, Square Enix will be offering a digital copy of Final Fantasy 1 as part of their first press bonuses for the retail release.

FF1 logo

One of the first press bonuses is a quest for players to track down the Onion Knight equipment from Final Fantasy III. The equipment entails the following: Onion Sword, Onion Head set, Onion Body Set, and Onion Leg set. The latter of the first press bonuses was announced with the skus for the game. Final Fantasy Explorers will launch in Japan with a standard edition and an Ultimate Box limited edition. Both skus will have the first press bonus.


Featured in the Ultimate Box edition is a 3DS XL faux leather case. The design on the case features a sillhouette of Bahamut, a zipper with the Final Fantasy Explorers branding, and red interior. A hardcover box with the Final Fantasy Explorers logo and original illustration by Yoshitaka Amano. A mini-album containing demo-takes from the production, which led to the development of the main theme, city theme, and boss battle theme. In addition to the mini-album, it comes with a booklet chronicling Composer Tsuyoshi Sekito’s development.


That’s not all, the set also includes the Ultimate Box Explorers Art Works; featuring illustrations from Yoshitaka Amano and key art by Toshiyuki Itahana. Along with summons beast art by Gen Kobayashi and artwork for the game’s jobs, locations, and equipment. To top off the amazing bundle, it has an 3DS XL body cover with the title and logo. Oh and of course, it comes with the game and its first press bonuses. Final Fantasy Explorers Light will launch ahead of the game’s Japanese release, slated for December 18 2014.

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