Final Fantasy is Japan’s most wanted franchise for the PS4

According to a new Japanese magazine poll, Final Fantasy is the most wanted and desired game series for the PlayStation 4.

Readers of the magazine were asked to vote on which series they’d like to see on the PlayStation 4. Following Final Fantasy was the Tales of series, and then the Monster Hunter series. It should be noted, however, that the gap between Final Fantasy and the Tales of series is greater than the gaps between other games. The love for Final Fantasy sure runs deep within the Japanese. And for good reason too.

Final Fantasy

Here is the full list:

1.) Final Fantasy series 11.4%
2.) Tales of series 6.3%
3.) Monster Hunter series 6.1%
4.) Dynasty Warriors series 4.7%
5.) Super Robot Wars series 4.4%
6.) Atelier series 3.3%
7). Persona series 3.1%
8.) Neptunia series 3.0%
9). Kingdom Hearts series 2.8%
10). Megami Tensei series 2.7%

What game series would you like to see on the next generation consoles? Let us know in the comments below.

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