Final Fantasy IX PC Port Requires You To Install Certain Third Party Android Plug-ins

Final Fantasy IX Screenshots

Final Fantasy IX is getting an enhanced edition for the iOS/Android and PC. While the game was released for iOS/Android this February, the PC version still hasn’t been released yet. Now it turns out that the PC version will actually require the user to install some third party plug-ins before the game can be played.

As it stands, the official Steam store page for Final Fantasy IX still has no release date listed yet except for early 2016. Square Enix has apparently added a new user agreement to the official website which lists the plug-ins that might be installed with the PC installer for the game. It turns out that the game will require Android SDK to be installed on PC giving out the impression of it being a straight forward port of the Android/iOS version to PC, while majority of the fans were expecting a proper native PC version.

Final Fantasy IX Screenshots

You can read through the disclosure for the third party plug-ins from here. It clearly lists that in order to play Final Fantasy IX on PC, the user will be required to install “certain third party plug-ins” along with the PC installer.

Final Fantasy IX was originally released for the PS1 and later as a PS1 Classic for the PSP, PS Vita and PS3. The Android/iOS version of the game features enhanced graphics, improved frame rate and resolution. It was released for Smartphones in February 2016 and will be out on PC in early 2016.

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