Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation To Be Released Tomorrow

Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation project seems to have reached a conclusion now, as the team has announced they they will release the patch tomorrow, ahead of the upcoming E3 gaming expo.

The patch was expected for a release later this summer, but its release seems to have been bumped up before E3, as confirmed by Sky Blade Cloud, who leads this fan translation project, on Twitter.

Well, due to some unexpected events, I won’t be able to release the Type-0 patch the date I had thought, so I’ll be posting it tomorrow…

…I needed some more time to finish a cool automatic patcher, as well as editing some dates in videos…

…But I understand fans have been patient, supportive and it’s about time they enjoy this wonderful game…

…After so much work we are sure the results match what one could expect of any official localization…

…So expect a release sometime between today and tomorrow. I hope you like it! ~Sky

Final Fantasy Type-0 was released exclusively on the PSP in Japan. The game was supposedly getting localized officially, but never made it, due to the growing piracy on the PSP late in its life cycle. Square Enix decided that it wasn’t feasible now, and despite numerous requests by the fans of the series, the game has yet to receive an official localization.

Thanks to a group of passionate fans, we can finally play the game tomorrow, once the unofficial translation patch is made available to download online.

Are you excited for this translation patch? Let us know in the comments below.

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