Final Fantasy Type-0 HD isn’t just a remaster judging by the gameplay videos

If you’re a hardcore Final Fantasy fan like me, you’re probably searching the internet for more information about Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD after their trailers were dropped earlier today. We also got to see some offscreen gameplay of Final Fantasy Type-0, albeit most of it was off screen.

One thing’s for certain though, Final Fantasy Type-0 isn’t just a remaster where only the resolution is increased and some textures improved. As seen by the GIF below (courtesy of @Aeana), we can clearly see that Square Enix has put in a lot of work improving character models, backgrounds, environments as well as adding effects like motion blur to hide the fact the Type-0 was a PSP game. Click here for a higher resolution version of the gif.

I played a bit of the Final Fantasy Type-0 translation released for the PSP a bit, and the game is certainly very interesting. Between this and Final Fantasy XV finally getting some love, 2015 is set to be a great year for JRPG fans. Then we also have games like Xenoblade, Persona 5 and Tales of Zestiria; boy what a great time to be a JRPG fan, wouldn’t you agree?


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD releases along with a demo for Final Fantasy XV on March 17 2015. The game is being developed for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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