Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PS4 vs. PC Screenshot Comparison Reveals Less Awful Post-Processing Effects

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has been announced for PC at the recent Computex Event. It was originally leaked through the official website of MSI, which was later removed. Square Enix then went ahead and confirmed that the game is indeed coming to PC on Steam, although no release date has been given yet.

If you have played Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on PS4 or Xbox One, you are most likely familiar with the absolutely awful camera motion blur in the game. This blur made the game hard to play because it was nauseating at times. The good news is that Square Enix has finally fixed this blur in the PC version of the game and also tweaked down the depth-of-field effect, as can be seen in the screenshot comparison below.

[twentytwenty]ff-type0hd-comp (1) ff-type0hd-comp (3)[/twentytwenty] [twentytwenty]ff-type0hd-comp (2) ff-type0hd-comp (4)[/twentytwenty]

If you still haven’t seen the PC announcement of the game, it is expected to come with some enhancements compared to the current generation console version.

  • Graphics options for High-End PCs
  • More efficient camera and battle operations.
  • Additional functions for the Steam community.

The motion blur seems to have been fixed in the PC version, and hopefully these changes can be patched in for the PS4 and Xbox One as well.

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