Final Fantasy Type-0 Translation project update, full prologue shown off in English

SkyBladeCloud and friends have been busy working on a Final Fantasy Type-0 Translation patch for some time now, we covered their progress in the past but SBC’s recently uploaded video shows that all the wait was worthwhile.

Below is the Final Fantasy Type-0’s full prologue succesfully translated in English being played on PPSSPP, a pretty good PSP emulator. Make sure to view the video in HD, the game looks absolutely gorgeous!

[dailymotion width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”x14dri3″]

Although Square Enix hasn’t announced any plans for an international release of Type-0 yet, Final Fantasy Agito, which is an alternate take on Type-0’s story recently got trademarked in Europe and should be available in western regions.


Hopefully we’ll get to play Type-0 in English one way or another.

Make sure to keep up with SkyBladeCloud on Twitter as he frequently posts about the project.

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