Final Fantasy Versus XIII vanishes from Amazon

Reports have indicated that online megastore Amazon have delisted Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

A number of users of the site have pointed out that where Amazon used to accept preorders of the game, they now have no such means and the only method of purchasing is that of an outside source. The only current listing offers a copy for $252. Other unreleased final fantasy titles like the HD remasters of X and X-2, and the upcoming Lightning Returns have seen no changes to their listings which indicates that this is the only game with unannounced changes..


It was less than two months ago we last spoke about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and now this new twist brings into question what exactly the reveal will be. Will Versus end up being a PS4 launch title or has it been renamed into something a little more catchy? Only time will tell.

Square also trademarked “Final Fantasy Agito” in Japan last week, and with Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on their E3 list Square Enix could have a pretty eventful E3.

The one thing I’m almost sure of is that we will be hearing more about it before, or during, E3.

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