Final Fantasy VII PC Port Releasing on October 16 on PS4

Square Enix just announced that the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII, which is the PC port of the PlayStation version of the game, will be realeased on October 16 for $15.99/£12.99/€15.99. For the uninitiated, Final Fantasy VII for PS4 was announced during the PlayStation Experience last December, when Shinji Hashimoto came up on stage to troll reveal it. The game will feature new graphical improvements such as hi-rez textures, anti-aliasing etc.


Not to mistake it for the Final Fantasy VII Remake which was announced last week during the PlayStation conference, coming first on PS4, which will be rebuild from the ground up for the current generation of consoles. The price, honestly, seems a little bit too high for a port of a PS1 game, considering that you can buy the game on PS3 or Vita for less. Also, considering that you have to rebuy it even if you already own it on PS3, PSP or Vita.

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