Final Fantasy VII Remake Announcements Planned Throughout 2019, More Info Teased

Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase has teased new information for Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2019.

As we are getting closer to a new year, as it is the tradition, Japanese developers were asked for a comment on what they think of the new year. This also included Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase, who directed the original Final Fantasy VII.

In their comments (via), they basically teased that next year should kickstart the official Final Fantasy VII reveal with new presentations on the game.

Keyword: 7
Thoughts: Various presentations to be released.

Keyword: Long-awaited!
Thoughts: Development on Final Fantasy 7 Remake is progressing smoothly! I would like to try hard to meet the expectations of fans.

While there is no chance that a potential Final Fantasy VII Remake is released next year, at least it is good to know that Square Enix will finally start showing the game in some capacity. The last time we saw it in action was at PSX 2015, and since then, the game has completely dropped off the radar and kept in shadows with barely any information about its development.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was revealed at E3 2015 and the game director was confirmed to be Tetsuya Nomura. It will be written by Kazushige Nojima and produced by Yoshinori Kitase. It was announced as “First on PS4” but that is likely going to change since we are on the verge of a new generation of consoles.

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