Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 Leak Confirmed Fake, No Gameplay Demo Exclusive To PS Plus

Final Fantasy VII Remake had a recent leak regarding its game, content, and the supposed story details. It also talked about a demo being released during E3 week for PS Plus users. Sadly, it has been debunked and confirmed to be a fake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake fans have a lot to look forward to at the upcoming E3 as Square Enix will share new information on the Remake there. They have a media briefing scheduled for E3 2019 and they are also showing Marvel’s Avengers.

The user who posted this leak on reddit was quick to delete it but it was saved by others and since Final Fantasy VII Remake is in the spotlight again, those who were hoping to get some new information on it started to share it online.

Reddit user soon picked up on the user who had leaked the information and it was found out that it was fake. There was no room left to doubt once he himself acknowledged that this was a fake leak. For details, have a look at this video.

So while it was nice to think that we might be getting a playable demo and that the game will be divided into just two parts as to the widely believed three parts just like the original game was divided in discs, we do know that there is a good chance of Final Fantasy VII Remake launching in the 1st half of 2020.

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