Final Fantasy VII: Remake First Gameplay Trailer Released

Square Enix has released the first gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Remake on the PS4. This Remake is being directed by Tetsuya Nomura and produced by Yoshinori Kitase. It is a full Remake of the original PlayStation classic. This new trailer gives the first glimpse at the gameplay, which appears to be a mix and match of the Active Time Battle and Real-Time Combat system.

Final-Fantasy-VII-Remake-Gameplay-Ps4 (2)

You can check out the gameplay trailer below.

The trailer features gameplay from the opening of Final Fantasy VII. We can see exploration, combat and various action sequences from the introduction of Final Fantasy VII, that has been completely remade for the Remake. The two prominent characters that are featured in this trailer include Barret and Cloud Strife. We can see brief gameplay moments where the players can control both Barret and Cloud in combat.

Final Fantasy VII was turn-based on the PS1 and the combat appears to have been tweaked now to make it more action-based while still retaining the look and feel of the turn-based combat. We can still see the HP/MP gauge as well as the command menu, but this time it is all executed in real-time.

Originally announced at E3 2015, Final Fantasy VII: Remake is currently in development for the PS4. It will be released first on PlayStation 4 and later on other potential platforms.

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