Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets A New Co-Director So There Is Still Hope Left For The Project

When Final Fantasy VII Remake was first announced, Tetsuya Nomura was declared as the sole game director of the project. It is now confirmed that Naoki Hamaguchi is the co-director working alongside Tetsuya Nomura on the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced in 2015 and there has been no major update on it since the first gameplay showcase at PSX 2015. Tetsuya Nomura had his attention focused on Kingdom Hearts 3, which was released just at the end of January this year. Since then, he is supposedly back to working on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In the start, the game was expected to get an episodic release schedule but there is no confirmation if the plan still holds any merit. Square Enix has been silent regarding the state of the game but it was confirmed that all development has shifted to in-house leaving CyberConnect 2 behind.

Naoki Hamaguchi was assumed to be the co-director of Final Fantasy VII Remake. He has worked on Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XIII along with Motomu Toriyama. His place as the co-director is now official according to a recruitment message posted on the studio website.

He was previously listed as the development leader and talked about the game’s pre-production in an interview. Square Enix is teasing more information for the project in 2019 so expect to hear something about it at the upcoming E3.

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