Final Fantasy VII Remake Has A Shinra Propaganda Video, Here’s What Is Shown In It

Final Fantasy VII Remake was available to play at Gamescom with a demo that featured the opening from the game. Here is some interesting information from the demo.

In the new Final Fantasy VII Remake, the demo opens up by showing an Instruction Video made by Shinra. In this world of Final Fantasy VII, Shinra controls and owns the majority of Midgard so the video feels more like a propaganda video than something introducing the city.

Images from the video were leaked online even though making video of the demo was prohibited by Square Enix. They were shared on reddit along with some new information from the demo.

Here is a description of the video from reddit. Apparently, Jessie, who is a member of Avalanche, takes control of the video feed by hacking into it.

  • It starts with a pre-rendered cinematic video showing infrastructure, workers and the daily life of Midgar.
  • A narrator is talking about the great things Shinra provides to the citizens of Midgar, leading everyone to the Promised Land with the power of Mako, which powers everything as a safe and clean energy source and is responsible for transforming Midgar into this thriving metropolis.
  • In the middle of that Shinra propaganda video, it glitches out and Jessie takes over.
  • During that cinematic video, however, we get a great look at several parts of Midgar (above the plate only, of course). Here are some notable details:
  • It starts with a camera pan over parts of Midgar showing a modern cylindrical building also seen in the background of the E3 2015 reveal teaser and the shot of Cloud on the Hardy Daytona introducing editions and pre-order bonuses. We also see a train passing by an industrial area and a highway with a noise shield on one side running perpendicular to it.
  • Another shot shows rooftops with multiple chimneys on top and another highway suspended high above with big Mako pipes running alongside of it and through the building scape. We also see a swarm of white doves flying by.
  • The imagery in both shots is very reminiscent of the reveal teaser from E3 2015.
  • Then we get a camera pan down into the streets with many different buildings resembling a neighborhood in New-York City.
  • The next few shots show cafés, restaurants, shops, traffic lights, lots of fire escapes, awnings, AC units, familiar cars driving by, citizens going about their day, children riding their bicycle and construction workers doing their job.
  • In another shot, they show mechanics swapping Mako canisters of a car (like changing batteries) and loading full ones onto a small green pickup truck with only one back wheel.
  • In the last shot, we see a mechanical digger carrying a pipe segment. What the most interesting about it is that it doesn’t bear an excavator shovel at the end of its arm but instead that very same brown robot hand seen in the original game on that broken highway in the sector 6 slums.

This video was only available to view in the demo however it is possible that Square Enix might also keep it for the final launch of the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available on March 3, 2020, for PS4.

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