Final Fantasy VII Remake Might Not Be Timed Exclusive On PS4, Coming To Xbox One

Final Fantasy VII Remake was initially announced as a timed PS4 exclusive when it was revealed at E3 2015. The game’s was then taken in-house in 2017, or 2 years after its initial announcement. When it was first revealed, CyberConnect 2 were attached as a developer along with Square Enix’s internal development team, but this plan has been scrapped now.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was going to be a timed PS4 exclusive and it was also showcased in brief at Sony’s PSX 2015 conference, but aside from that, there has been no new footage or screenshot from the game. Rumors point towards a tumultuous development for the game behind the scenes and the long silence doesn’t really paint a good picture. It is entirely possible that the marketing plans might have changed.

Walmart Canada has been the source of some major leaks recently including a new Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, RAGE 2 and among the listed games, they also had Final Fantasy VII Remake listed for the PS4 and Xbox One. This could point towards an announcement at the upcoming E3 2018 conference by Square Enix that will drop the timed exclusivity and confirm it is multiplatform now. The same thing has happened with Final Fantasy XIII in the past and considering how Final Fantasy XV was also multiplatform project, this shouldn’t come off as a surprise now.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is being directed by Tetsuya Nomura and developed by Square Enix’s Business Division 1.

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