Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Linear Story Progression; Location Planning Was Done Last Summer

New information on the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake gives new hope for its release date.

Final Fantasy VII Remake might not have received much information but it is still being worked on behind the scenes. There was an interview of one of the developers working on Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shinichiro Biwa, Planner of the Business Division 1, that was posted last Summer but there was no translation of it until recently (via).

The developer details the behind the scenes development of Final Fantasy VII Remake and provides some interesting information on how they are creating it for the modern generation.

The whole process is divided into three steps. First, they interpret the locations from the original Final Fantasy VII. The second step is “planning modifications/additions and alterations to the location, then getting them approved through meetings as well as deciding how much resources are needed.” Lastly, once all of it is done, they have to implement it all in the game and polish it up to standards.

The developer also describes the story progression as linear, which is not really something new to hear if you have played the game. Final Fantasy VII offered linear progression for the story and restricted the world map until you hit near the end game. The story for the game is already decided and since this interview was done last summer, they finished location planning phase back then, and are now working towards building/making phase where they have to fit their new design.

Final Fantasy VII Remake devs have teased new information in 2019. If the game development is progressing smoothly, despite the earlier rumors, then it is possible that it might release just in time for the PS5. It still takes a lot of optimism to believe this, so if you are skeptical about the release date, it is understandable.

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