Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Timed Exclusive For PS4, Also Heading To Xbox One, Says EB Games – Report

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently confirmed as a “First on PlayStation 4” release, which can mean that it is a timed exclusive for the PS4. While there is no official confirmation of any other platform other than PS4 for now, the reveal trailer did list the game heading first to PlayStation 4, which basically confirms that it will be a timed exclusive that will be released on other platforms after a set period.

EB Games Australia seems to have listed Final Fantasy VII Remake for the Xbox One, as spotted by KH13 Forums user Sora96. He decided to contact them through the online chat and received a confirmation that the game is heading to Xbox One after PS4. Check out his conversation in the image below.


While this is no official confirmation by any means, it is not unreasonable to expect the game on other platforms, including Xbox One and PC, once the timed exclusivity ends for the game on the PS4.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was revealed at E3 2015 and more info on it will be shared in Winter 2015.

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