Final Fantasy VII Remake now “unavailable” on Amazon

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now “unavailable” for pre-order now Amazon.

Final Fantasy VII Remake got its much due attention at E3 earlier this month where we got to see its progress for the first time after development of the game was moved in house. Final Fantasy VII Remake, when it was announced back in 2015, was being co-developed by Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot developers Cyberconnect2. However that relationship ended prematurely, with the development of the game being moved fully in-house.

With a confirmed release date of March 3, 2020 on the PS4, many fans who had not pre-ordered the game proceeded to do so after they saw the game in action. Fortunately Amazon ran a coupon offer for several titles including Final Fantasy VII Remake, which discounted the game’s pre-order price. The Standard Edition, was down to $42 from its $60 MSRP, while the Deluxe Edition was down to $55 from its $80. Not only is this a huge discount for a pre-order, but probably the biggest one I’ve ever seen.

This obviously led to people, who pre-ordered the game at its full price, to cancel their pre-orders and order again using the coupon. Amazon then, just a few hours back, removed pre-orders for the game, showing an “unavailable” message on the game’s order page. The game, currently “unavailable”, is still sitting as the #1 Best Seller in the video games category.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will obviously be back up for pre-order on Amazon in some time, I don’t know exactly when, but it’ll be back. The removal is most likely due to the mass pre-order cancellations, which makes sense.

Did you manage to pre-order the game using the coupon? I went ahead and pre-ordered both editions, netting me a pretty good $40-ish discount.

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