Final Fantasy XIII On Xbox One X Renders At 1728p vs. 576p On X360, Has Full HD Cinematics

Square Enix recently released Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 backward compatibility for Xbox One and there was support for 4K on Xbox One X as well. Here’s how it runs on the console.

Final Fantasy XIII was a sub-720p game on the Xbox 360. It didn’t manage to run at 720p unlike the PS3 version and settled on a lower resolution of 576p. This might sound odd now but it was a different time back then for HD resolutions. When it comes to rendering at 4K resolution, the Xbox One X emulator can manage to offer 4 times the original resolution and thus we arrive at a resolution of 1728p for Xbox One X, which is not quite 4K but still miles better than the Xbox 360 version.

YouTube channel VGTech has analyzed Final Fantasy XIII backward compatibility support on Xbox One X and Xbox One, and you can get all the details about it from their video. Here’s what they had to say regarding the resolution.

Xbox One X in Graphics Mode renders at a native resolution of 3072×1728. Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox One X in Performance Mode render at a native resolution of 1024×576. Note that the Xbox One and Xbox One X use higher quality pre-rendered cutscenes.

The high-quality cutscenes were also confirmed officially by Microsoft. They worked with Square Enix to replace the lower quality cinematics for Xbox One and Xbox One X release.

Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is currently on sale for Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you want to get the game, this is a good time to buy them before the price goes back to its normal value.

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