Final Fantasy XIV Director Is Working On A Large Scale Next-Gen Project Now In Full Development

Final Fantasy XIV development team is working on a large-scale next-generation project under Naoki Yoshida, the game director of Final Fantasy XIV, and studio head at Square Enix’s 3rd Development Division.

Final Fantasy XIV has continued to receive major expansions and it is still making a lot of money for Square Enix, but they are also working on a large-scale project. Is this a new Final Fantasy game or a brand new IP, there is no official confirmation about it so far.

In a message that was posted on the 3rd Development Division website, Naoki Yoshida confirmed that development on this next-generation project is all underway and now it is in full development. Here is a rough Google translation of the message posted on the website.

Based on the former 5th Business Division, the newly launched 3rd Development Headquarters has launched a new core project following” FINAL FANTASY XIV “, and has begun to challenge the next generation. This project has already finished its initial development, has finished developing its development environment, and is now shifting to a full-scale large-scale development phase.
The new project is looking for developers who will give the world “fun”, “fun” and “surprise” together. We are looking forward to your application for the challenge to the world market!

They are hiring new developers for this project but the initial phase of the development is done and now it is in the full development phase. They are also working on a new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV.

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