Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward to get Dark Knight job class

We’re all excited for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward which is the first expansion for Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn releasing in Spring 2015. The game’s producer and director Yoshi-P recently sat down at the London Fan Festival to talk about the game’s newest job class: The Dark Knight.

Developers Square Enix also talked about the 6 new mounts in development which will be including flying mounts like the Black Chocobo. A seventh month will depend on the reaction of the fans as is currently under consideration. Airships are also included in Heavensward allowing groups of players to travel together.


Final Fantasy XIV 3.0 will also feature a brand new beast tribes namely the Vanu Vanu and the Gnath. On the Primal side Bismarck and Ravana are the latest additions. Ravana is an original Primal design for Final Fantasy XIV as is said to be a bug with laser swords.

Finally Yoshi-P finally revealed reason he was wearing a Batman shirt: the Dark Knight job class.


Unlike previous renditions of the Dark Knight class, the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward version will be a Tank wielding a double-handed Greatsword. Along with the sword the Dark Knight class will also be able to use Darkness to inflict havoc on their opponents. Unlike other job classes, the Dark Knight won’t have players level up a base class and will be usable immediately.

Yoshi-P also teased a gunner class, so hopefully we get a gunblader class fans have been requesting of for so long.

What class would you like to have added to Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward? Let us know in the comments below.

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