Final Fantasy XV’s 4K Update For Xbox One X Is Now Live, Comrades Expansion Dated

Square Enix has released a brand new update for Final Fantasy XV today. This update aims to bring support for the Xbox One X in addition to offering some quality of life improvements like ease of access with Hunts.

Final Fantasy XV was one of the first games to get support for the Xbox One X when it was unveiled at E3 2017. The game currently renders at 1800p on the PS4 Pro while the Xbox One X version has been claimed to run at native 4K which should give it a visual boost over the PS4 Pro.

The new update also implements the ability to accept multiple hunts which was long requested by the fans. Originally, you were limited to just one hunt from a single vendor which made it cumbersome to go back and forth between the different vendors. This issue has been fixed finally after the new update allowing you to basically take multiple hunts at a time.

Final Fantasy XV is receiving its comrades expansion in early November and while the developers talked about a November 7th release for it, it has now been delayed to November 15th from its initial release date. Comrades is a multiplayer expansion for the game that also features story elements and offline campaign for the players. It is a part of the Season Pass or can be bought separately for $19.99.

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