Final Fantasy XV: How To Access New Timed Quest, Rewards And Tips

Final Fantasy XV has received a brand new update today that adds some new features to the game. Included in the update is also a new level cap of 120 in addition to a new timed quest. The quest is apparently pretty important if you are struggling to level up and can provide a good chunk of experience points in addition to other useful items and even a decent amount of AP.

The quest can be located by heading into the main menu screen after installing the new update. It will show the timed quest that is currently active as well as its rewards and location on map, as seen in the screenshot below.

This quest requires the player to kill 100 Cactaurs and Slactaurs, which isn’t really a big challenge since their level is rather low at around 15. Although the real problem arises with their 1000 needles move, which can be damaging and to top it off, their attacks can also cause confusion to party members.

How To Finish Cactaurs/Slactaurs Timed Quest In Final Fantasy XV

First thing that should be done is to equip an accessory or eat a food that protects against the confusion status caused by the Cactaurs/Slactaurs. This makes the fight a bit easier to handle since our allies aren’t confused and attacking us majority of the time. The second thing to do before the fight is to equip moves that have an a wide AOE so that multiple enemies are hit. Gladio has his default strike technique that works well here and similar Prompto Recoil can work well if the enemies are close together.

The fight can reward the player with some nice items like Mega Potions, Remedies and High Elixirs so feel free to use them as required in the fight as enemies drop them rather quickly. The Cactaurs/Slactaurs don’t really have a high health so abuse the warp strike to hit them. Warping from a distance works well and can trip them into a vulnerable state where they can be killed. Lastly make sure to trigger the Armiger mode as soon it is available so you can kill them quickly.

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The reward for the quest can be seen below but aside from that, you can also get 100k experience points and even more AP points if you have the skill unlocked that provides AP for killing an enemy with a warp strike. There are potentially more ways to earn AP with skills in this fight and during my first try with it, I ended up with around 430 AP, which I thought was pretty decent for Final Fantasy XV.

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