Final Fantasy XV announced to have a ‘Wait’ mode, allowing turn based gameplay

Final Fantasy XV Live Stage Presentation at E3 just concluded and the biggest news from the presentation was that the game is getting a ‘Wait’ mode. Similar to previous Final Fantasy games with ATB battle systems, the ‘Wait’ mode will allows players an alternative play style to the game’s action heavy battle system.

The ‘Wait’ mode works by first enabling it in the options menu. During fights, movement will be realtime but will stop if you don’t enter inputs after a certain time period. The game then stop allowing players to tactically plan out their next move. ‘Wait’ mode is powered through a ‘Wait Gauge’ which when it runs out kicks you out the paused state and right into battle, just like previous ATB battle systems.

Also check out yesterday’s new trailer and demo for the game. The game’s US box art was also shown off today, find it here.

Below are some screenshots from the stream showcasing Final Fantasy XV’s newly announced ‘Wait’ mode.

Here’s the demo shown off in full:

Final Fantasy XV releases for Xbox One and PS4 on September 30.

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