Final Fantasy XV Jump Festa trailer showcases Towns, Titan and Cid-ney?

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XV has been released at the on-going Jump Festa conference in Japan and it shows a lot of stuff. We’ve been seeing a lot of Final Fantasy XV since it’s re-reveal at E3 2013. The game previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, was re-named and moved to the PS4 and Xbox One from the PS3 which it was previously exclusive to.

You can check out the new trailer below.

The trailer features fully fledged towns, which look vastly different to any towns we’ve seen in previous Final Fantasy games. The City shown looked very realistic, similar to something like Paris. We also saw hints of few of the classic Final Fantasy summons, like Ifrit and Bahamut. Titan was shown towards the end and boy does that fight look awesome!

We also got to see Final Fantasy XV’s Cid who for the first time in the series’ history will be female. Cid in Final Fantasy XV will go by the name of Cidney, but rest assured she looks to have the same role as the previous Cids.

Final Fantasy XV is the next mainline entry in the popular series. The game has been in development for a while and is currently planned for a release on the PS4 and Xbox One. A demo of Final Fantasy XV titled Episode Duscae will be released alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. This demo aims to introduce players to the gameplay of Final Fantasy XV.

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