Final Fantasy XV Cancelled DLC Concept Tells An Interesting Alternative Bittersweet Ending

Final Fantasy XV was supposed to get four more DLC episodes but aside from Episode Ardyn, the rest of them were all canceled by Square Enix. The new alternative ending has been revealed now and it sounds interesting.

This article might contain spoilers for Final Fantasy XV so avoid reading further if you don’t want to get spoiled, or haven’t played the game.

First, we learn that Luna, who was killed by Ardyn in the game, was resurrected by Bahamut, The Draconian. She wakes up with daemon powers which makes her a match for Ardyn. This was supposedly her episodic DLC which could have given the players a chance to play with Luna and her newfound daemon powers.

Episode Noctis would offer an alternative ending with the last fight in which Bahamut is the main villain. Ardyn, Luna, Noctis, and Aranea would be the four party members here like in a traditional JRPG. After they defeat Bahamut, Luna will wake up and live again through the powers of Shiva/Gentiana. Ardyn will be given a proper funeral as the Founder King of Lucis instead of his brother Somnus.

The ending has Luna and Noctis standing behind an empty coffin with Ardyn’s hat on it. It also teases two children, supposedly of Luna and Noctis but with no name given for them.

So there you have it. This was supposed to be the alternative happy ending which was non-canon but was purely released as a fan-service for fans of the game. It might have not happened due to the DLC being canceled but you can see the concept art and other details about it in the Dawn of the Future novel which is out now.

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