Final Fantasy XV: Check Out The New Gameplay Video And Tech Demo In Glorious 1080p

Square Enix has updated the official website of Final Fantasy XV to release the brand new gameplay videos of Final Fantasy XV, that they showcased during the Paris Games Week event, now in glorious 1080p. If you haven’t seen these new gameplay videos yet, you should definitely check them out now since they are available in the best possible quality setting on YouTube. You can see both of these videos below.

Final Fantasy XV is the the latest entry in the long running Final Fantasy series dating back to the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is an extremely popular series worldwide. The previous released mainline game was Final Fantasy XIV and it was released last year on the PS3 and PC, and this year on the PS4.

These new gameplay videos show the world exploration of one of the region in Final Fantasy XV called Duscae. This area will be accessible to the players in the upcoming demo of the game, which will be available to the users who purchase the upcoming Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

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