Final Fantasy XV May Get Another Demo Besides Episode Duscae

Final Fantasy XV may receive another demo before its eventual release.

According to a recent interview with director Hajime Tabata on Chinese site VGTime, a new demo is currently being produced for the game. Although few new details were provided, it appears that this demo will be made available to everyone.


Square Enix previously gave fans a fairly extensive preview of Final Fantasy XV in the form of Episode Duscae, which was provided as a digital download code for those who bought Final Fantasy: Type Zero HD on the PS4. Square Enix has being using feedback from the demo to refine the  development of gameplay in the full game.

Tabata also revealed that DLC will be coming out for the game post-launch, to the surprise of absolutely nobody. Thankfully, the director also stated that they currently have no plans for an FFXV-2.

Michael O'Connor

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