Final Fantasy XV developer explains the game’s pre-beta status

Around a month ago, Square Enix had announced that the latest entry in its popular Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV, has entered the pre-beta phase of its development. Today, the developer took to the game’s official forums and explained what this exactly means for the game’s development and where it currently stands in terms of progress.


The developer explained that by entering the pre-beta phase, the studio has achieved two important milestones.

Firstly, FFXV can now be played from beginning to the end. Therefore, everyone in the development team can play through the entire game, put together the big picture, and share their thoughts on the current build. From here on out, the team will be able to polish up, add, or adjust some details to the game so that it can attain the quality of a finished product.

There are a few game elements that are still in test phase, so their implementation is not final. That said, it’s still an important milestone for the studio to be able to share the big picture of the overall game to everyone in the development team.


Secondly, the first half of FFXV is pretty much complete in terms of polish. Therefore, the development team has a fair idea of how the final game should look and feel, in addition to knowing how much work and time is needed to reach that state. The studio has also invited some guests from outside the company to try out the game. The feedback from these individuals has been helpful in getting the right pace and balance for the final product.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to arrive in stores sometime in 2016 for the PS4 and Xbox One. We’ll keep you posted with further updates on the game’s developmental progress as they become available.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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