Final Fantasy XV development is being helped by the Final Fantasy Type-0 team

Crisis Core and FF Type-0 Director, Hajime Tabata, was recently confirmed to be working as co-director alongside Tetsuya Nomura on Final Fantasy XV. Japanese mag Famitsu was able to catch up with Tabata to talk a bit about the game and his experiences working for the first time on a console title.

“Firstly, there’s Final Fantasy XV.”

“I’ve recently joined as the co-director, and I’m currently giving it my all, along with the Final Fantasy Type-0 team, and development is going smoothly. We’re currently plunging into an important phase, where the engine developers and game developers are preparing to work together.”


Final Fantasy XV will be Tabata’s first console title, with the game being on next generation consoles, the expectations are very high. “I never felt the extreme desire of ‘I want to make it!’ on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.”  “However, after seeing the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One take their level of expression to a whole other level, I’ve become motivated. After seeing it on the big screen, the more I think about seriously challenging that world with quality product, the more it feels possible.”

Things can only get better with the Type-0 team joining the Kingdom Hearts team working on XV.

Thanks Siliconera.

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