Final Fantasy XV Director Reveals That Players Complained That Cindy Was “Too Sexy”

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajima Tabata recently held an Active Time Report providing more details about the player’s feedback from the demo, and he also shared their main complaints and issues with the demo.

According to Hajime Tabata, each region had a different complaint with the demo. For North American players, the complaint was centered around the voice of Noctis, which sounded too much like Batman. He clarified that the voice overs were not done in time for the demo and the final game will have improved voice overs.

For the players in Europe, their main complaint was that Cindy was “too sexy” the way she was dressed despite being a mechanic.


Hajime Tabata was keen on defending her design stating that “she’s actually not meant to be an erotic character” and more of a outgoing character who is a mechanic as well. They have no current plans to change her concept but they will make sure to “maintain the boundary” by moderating the way she is presented in the game, removing any sexual themes since this is not the way she is meant to be looked in the game.

Finally if you have missed this news, Tabata also revealed that a new updated version of the Episode Duscae demo is set to release in mid-to-late May and will feature improved combat. You can read more about the demo update from here.

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