Final Fantasy XV Director Talks About Leaks, Confirms Collector’s Edition Has No Season Pass

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata recently attended a fan gathering at Gamescom where he replied to some questions asked by the fans regarding the game and himself.

First of all, Tabata confirmed that the Ultimate Collector’s Edition won’t have any of the Season Pass content. Those who have ordered the Ultimate Collector’s Edition will have to buy the Season Pass separate from it. The same applies to the Deluxe edition that comes with Kingsglaive Blu-ray and a Steel Book for the game.

Tabata was also asked about the character of Luna, and whether there will be a love story between Luna and Noctis. He replied that they “have included those themes but it’ll be different to say Tidus & Yuna in FFX.”

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We had some early leaks on 4chan that talked about the story content and details from Final Fantasy XV. These leaks appear to have been fake as confirmed by Tabata.

Since Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was the last project done by Tabata, he was asked whether he plans to work on Final Fantasy Type-Next once he was done with Final Fantasy XV. He replied back that they are currently focusing on Final Fantasy XV and he hasn’t thought of Type-Next yet.

The game will also have some post-ending content just like a typical Final Fantasy game. Secret boss battles and places that can only be reached after the end.

You can find the rest of the question answer below. Majority of it relates to the personal lives and favorites of the game director Hajime Tabata, and art director Hasegawa.

Final Fantasy XV was originally set for a release on September 30th but it has been delayed to November 29th. The game is currently confirmed for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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