Square Enix Cancels All Except One Final Fantasy XV Story DLC As The Game Director Resigns

Final Fantasy XV fans woke up to terrible news after a ‘special program’ announcing the future of the game ended up on a grim note.

Today, Square Enix announced in a live stream that all future Fantasy Fantasy XV DLC content that was planned earlier this year has been canceled aside from a single story DLC that will launch in March 2019. They have also shared the announcement that the game director and head of Luminous Productions, Hajime Tabata, had resigned from the company at the end of last month.

Square Enix had announced earlier that Final Fantasy XV will get a second season pass featuring four different story episodes. They were Episode Ardyn, Episode Luna, Episode Aranea, and Episode Noctis. While Episode Ardyn is releasing in March 2019, the rest of the episodes have all been canceled as confirmed by Square Enix.

Finally, the previously announced DLC episodes featuring the characters Aranea, Lunafreya and Noctis, will no longer be produced. The FINAL FANTASY XV journey will conclude next year with the release of EPISODE ARDYN. The FINAL FANTASY XV development team wish to thank all players who have taken this journey with them and will celebrate the experience with fans to the end.

The announcement of Tabata’s resignation was also shared during the special program. It stated that Tabata has resigned from Luminous Studios on October 31 and has since left Square Enix. It cast a shadow of doubt over the future of the studio, which was recently cited as a reason for generating an extraordinary loss for Square Enix. It remains to be seen what kind of projects they will be able to develop in the future considering the change in management.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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