Final Fantasy XV Download Size And Hard Disk Requirements Revealed

Final Fantasy XV download size has been revealed through a retailer promotion that is selling a download code of the game for PS4.

If you were wondering about the download size that is required for Final Fantasy XV, it is around 45 GB. This download size is without any day 1 patch so if we count the day 1 patch, then it might be even bigger.

Open world games on the PS4 and Xbox One are usually around the same size so this is nothing unusual. Developers have to fit the game on a 50 GB blu-ray so there aren’t many games that require more than 45 GB of download so far.

Final Fantasy XV's GameStop Promo Shows No Sign Of Delay, Lists Original Date

Another interesting thing can be seen in the form of the release date of the game, which has been reportedly delayed to November 2016, but still shows September 30th as the release date in Japan as of Today.

This is not really an official confirmation that there is no delay for the game. Still, the delay announcement is only a rumor for now so take it with a grain of salt.

Final Fantasy XV is currently set for a release on September 30th but if the delay rumor is true, it will be out on November 29th instead. The game is confirmed for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Let us know what do you think about the required download size of the game in the comments below.

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