Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Story Trailer, Collaboration With FFXIV And Comrades Update

Square Enix has shared the release date and story trailer for Episode Ardyn DLC for Final Fantasy XV. They have also announced a new collaboration between XV and XIV and standalone release for Comrades multiplayer expansion.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn is the only DLC that is releasing as part of the new content of the game. It will be preceded by an event collaboration between Final Fantasy XV and XIV. This event is set to start from December 12-13 and will feature new enemy, costumes and much more. It will be triggered through a main story quest in the game.

Episode Ardyn seems to be a completely separate story that deals with some of the origins of the game. It will star Ardyn as the lead character who can be seen fighting a young king Regis.

Slated for release in March 2019, EPISODE ARDYN offers players a chance to step into the role of FINAL FANTASY XV’s main antagonist. Set before the events of FINAL FANTASY XV, players will learn more about Ardyn’s backstory in a story of death and restoration.

Available to all FINAL FANTASY XV players as a free update, the event introduces a new in-game quest titled “Adventurer from Another World,” wherein Noctis embarks on a journey with the mysterious Miqo’te “Y’jhimei” to Perpetouss Keep, which concludes in a fierce battle with Garuda from FINAL FANTASY XIV. Players who complete the quest will receive special edition FINAL FANTASY XIV-themed costumes as a reward.

A standalone edition of FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER: COMRADES for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system will release on December 12. Players can participate in various hunt, guard and convoy quests in co-op gameplay with up to four other players. The new update will bring 10 additional powerful bosses for players to face off against.

This the last content for the game. Square Enix has announced their plans to cancel all of the remaining DLC featuring story episodes focused on Aranea, Noctis, and Luna. This was also shared with a news of the game director, Hajime Tabata leaving the company.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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