Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae 2.0 Changes Detailed

Square Enix has revealed the changes for Update 2.0 for the Episode Duscae demo of Final Fantasy XV. This latest update adds new quest, new monster, in addition to plenty of tweaks to the combat and camera based on the players feedback.

For a full list of changes included in this latest update, check out below (via Siliconera)

  • Added cooperation attacks that come from ally suggestions.
  • Guarding just before being hit by an enemy attack will no longer consume MP.
  • Evasive maneuver has been changed into a dodge roll, no longer consumes MP, and can be shifted into from various actions.
  • Pressing the left stick during a consecutive attack will change the attack movement.
  • You can now charge great sword attacks by holding down the button.
  • The shift (warp) command has been changed into a long Circle button hold. If you hold Circle for a short period, you’ll perform a mid-range shift.
  • The areas you can warp to have been greatly increased.
  • Attack power, MP consumption, and more have been adjusted.
  • Camera turning speed and acceleration has been improved. The lock-on tracking has been improved, and target-switching has been simplified.
  • Camera can now be moved down during combat.
  • Party AI has been improved.
  • “Individual action quests” that are suggested by party members has been added.
  • The Catoblepas monster by the lake can now be fought.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Update 2.0 will be released on June 9th at 9 PM PDT.

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