Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo will have you fight a Behemoth

If you are like me, then you’re more excited about the bundled Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo packed with the Day 1 Edition and Collectors Edition copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD than the main game itself. The demo is shaping up to be really great and Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has some more details (via Gematsu).


The titular Duscae region is a mountainous areas full of trees, but if you take the effort to explore, then you can find caves. These caves are said to contain strong monsters and treasures.

The camping part was once again mentioned where earned experience will only translate to level ups when you take a break and camp. While camping, Noctis will be able to talk to other members of the party. Players can also change their equipment while waiting for Ignis to cook them some food. Eating food grants stat bonuses and cooking more food will level up the party’s “Cooking Level”. Ingredients are obtained by buying them from shops and defeating monsters. “Gighee ham” , “Aepyornis eggs” and “Fuwatoro Eggs on Toast” are some of the foods Ignis can make.


Lastly players will be able to fight with the series staple Behemoth monster in Episode Duscae which we saw a fair bit in the recently released trailer. The Behemoth is strong though, so challenging it without preparation can lead to a quick defeat. There is no game over in the demo though as party members will revive Noctis if his health goes too low.

Square Enix announced that they’ll be doing a full walkthrough of the Episode Duscae demo on February 20th via an Active Time Report live stream.

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