Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladio And Prompto Release Date Revealed

Square Enix is currently holding a Final Fantasy 30th anniversary event and have shared an update on the upcoming updates and DLC for Final Fantasy XV.

Since Final Fantasy XV has a season pass, the developers have confirmed that the first story related DLC called Episode Gladio will be released on March 28th. They have also teased the release date for the next story DLC focused on Prompto.

Episode Prompto is the DLC after Gladio’s story and will be out in June 2017. In addition to these two story DLCs, Square Enix will also release a booster pack for the game featuring costumes that look to be inspired from Power Rangers. These costumes appear to be more than cosmetic changes and alter the abilities of the character. They will be released on February 21st and should be free to download for everyone.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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