Final Fantasy XV Fans And Voice Actors React To DLC Cancellation And Tabata’s Resignation

Final Fantasy XV is a game that was in development hell for a long time until it was finally released under a new director, Hajime Tabata.

Before taking up the mantle to work on Final Fantasy XV as a full-time director, while also managing Square Enix’s Business Division 2, Tabata was mostly known for his work on Final Fantasy spin-offs like Type-0 and Crisis Core. He was not that big at that point to be simply given a new mainline Final Fantasy game, and yet it happened as Nomura was taken off from the project to work on his own Kingdom Hearts 3 while taking charge of the new Final Fantasy VII Remake as a game director.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is now all set to launch in late January next year but Final Fantasy VII Remake is unfortunately nowhere to be found, and as this console generation comes to an end, its future is in doubt as well due to the troubled development cycle it has faced so far. Despite all this, Final Fantasy XV managed to not only launch on time with just a short last-minute delay, but it also made a lot of money and was profitable within day one sales. It then continued to sell and was later released on PC where it has to-date sold through 500K copies.

The cumulative life-to-date sales for the game stand at 8.1 million as reported at TGS 2018, and it was the fastest selling Final Fantasy on pace to hit the top 3 best selling in the series. So what happened here? No one really knows aside from Square Enix and Tabata himself, but the news of Tabata resigning and at least three of the announced DLC getting canceled hit the fans hard. Here is what they had to say about it on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Ray Chase (Noctis Voice Actor)

Robbie Daymond (Prompto Voice Actor)

This sub as they mourn the other 3 DLC episodes from FFXV

It is a bittersweet ending for a game that faced long and tumulus development cycle, and when finally it started to feel like things were back on track, it all ended abruptly. I have personally loved my time with it and enjoyed every moment of it, so it was terrible to see this through the end. There is still a story DLC coming next year in March focused on Ardyn’s past, and there will be an update to release the Final Fantasy XIV collaboration later this December.

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