Final Fantasy XV features a multi-region open world; Photo Mode confirmed

During the Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report Q&A session today, Director Hajime Tabata announced that the game will include a photo mode for screenshot enthusiasts to tinker with. As is usually the case with this feature, it is likely to come with a host of options that, among other things, will allow you to fine-tune color tone and depth of field.


Tabata also confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will feature a multi-region open world, similar to that of The Witcher 3. He explained that you’ll get to travel seamlessly across any two areas on the world map as long as they are physically connected. However, you will encounter loading times on occasions where the story requires you to head out to a distant, unconnected region on the world map. Not all of the buildings or structures in Final Fantasy’s towns can be entered, though Tabata assured that there will be plenty of buildings to explore.


It was also revealed that Final Fantasy XV won’t include limit breaks. In other words, you won’t have access to an ultra powerful signature attack that deals massive damage to enemies like in previous Final Fantasy games. Given that Final Fantasy XV’s gameplay is a far cry from previous titles in the series, this may not necessarily be a bad thing. Additionally, your party members will be able to carry secondary weapons, such as guns or defensive gear.

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Muhammad Ali Bari

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