Final Fantasy XV’s flying car explained, won’t be available till later in the game

Remember the massive reveal at the end of the recent Final Fantasy XV trailer? The flying car? Well as revealed in a new interview, players will be able to fly it and traverse to game’s huge world.

The interview states that the car will function similar to an airship from previous Final Fantasy titles. The car, when activated, will flying up and allow players to fly across the game’s massive world. The car will not be able to travel the over-world where you could travel the game’s whole world in a few seconds but instead traveling will be slower due to the areas being so big.

Landing the car will also be manual and won’t take a press of a button, so first time landings could be scrappy for some players.


Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata also stated that the Regalia is strictly for getting around and that that they haven’t planned any air battles.

We don’t plan on placing enemies in the sky,

Rather, the vehicle will be dedicated for transportation purposes.

The flying version of the car will be available towards the end of the game after certain requirements are fulfilled by the player.

The player will obtain the flying Regalia near the end of the game as an additional challenge,

When certain conditions are met, the car is remodeled to the flying model.

I have to admit, first time seeing the car in the new trailer premiered at Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV had me hyped even more for the game. I’m just glad there’s an airship-like vehicle in the as the developers weren’t sure earlier of its

Final Fantasy XV releases for PS4 and Xbox One on September 30 later this year.

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