Final Fantasy XV Game And Engine Development Is Coming Along Steadily, Breaking Into “Important Phase” [Update]

Update: This interview was conducted last year in September. This is essentially an old interview, so Tabata’s comments shouldn’t be taken as something recent.

Hajime Tabata is the director of Final Fantasy Type-0 and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. He has proven his track record with handheld titles so co-directing Final Fantasy XV appears to be his first big and challenging task.

Famitsu (Translated recently) conducted an interview with Hajime Tabata in September last year, in which he shared some details on the state and development status of Final Fantasy XV.


Tabata was asked about his future plans for Final Fantasy Type-0, following its release on mobile/smartphones. Tabata’s reply to this question was rather interesting, confirming their focus on Final Fantasy XV along with sharing an update on the current development status for it.

“Final Fantasy XV comes first,” said Tabata. “The other day I participated in an official announcement as Co. Director, but the Type-0 team was all there with me, and development is progressing well. Hereafter the engine development and game development side are coming along steadily and it’s breaking into an important phase.”

So there you go Final Fantasy fans. The game and engine development is coming along steadily, and it is close to breaking into an important phase. While the word is still not clear on whether Final Fantasy XV will make its way to E3, Shinji Hashimoto, who is the producer of Final Fantasy XV, did promise more Final Fantasy XV details for upcoming events including E3 and TGS.

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