Final Fantasy XV Is Getting Chapter Select And Bestiary In New Update

Square Enix has shared some details on the upcoming update for Final Fantasy XV. The first and most important feature that will be added in the new update is the inclusion of a Bestiary for the game. This should please the fans who are looking for a way to view the monsters that they have slain and find out more information about them.

The other major feature that is confirmed to be included in the new update is the addition of Chapter Select for the main game. The game is divided in chapters so the addition of the chapter select to the game will make it easier for fans to replay their favorite chapter without having to actually play the full game.

Lastly Square Enix has also shared a couple of new announcements for Final Fantasy XV including a Pocket Edition for Smartphones that is coming to iOS and Android and will be playable free with the first chapter while the other additional chapters will be added at a later date. The other news is about the release window for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition which will support up to 8k resolution on PC and features many of the Nvidia GameWorks effects.

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