Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Get Flying Regalia Type-F

Final Fantasy XV has a lot of content to keep the player occupied even after they have finished the game. Among them, the flying regalia type-f is a new type of car modification that allows the user to fly their car through the game’s open world.

To get this flying regalia, the requirements are to complete the game first. Once the player has finished the game and started the chapter 15, which is the post-game world, they will be able to infiltrate a Niflheim base in the Leide region. This base is called ‘Formouth Garrison’ and it features some challenging encounters so make sure that you only attempt it if you are level 50 or above.

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To get the flying regalia, which is called regalia type-f in the game, you will need to completely finish the base which ends with multiple boss fights. Once done, your party will obtain a set of unusual items that they suggest to take back to Cindy at Hammerhead.


Once you have the parts in hand, you will get a quest called ‘Into Unknown Frontiers’ which is basically for the regalia type-f. You can fly this car by gaining little speed on the road although landing it can be a little tricky, and if the user fails, it can be game over.

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