Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Summon Ramuh, Shiva, Leviathan And Titan

Final Fantasy XV is available today for the PS4 and Xbox One. It is the first offline mainline Final Fantasy XV after more than 5 years.

Final Fantasy XV allows the player to summon giant Astral beings. Unlike the past games, there aren’t that many Summons available in Final Fantasy XV and their summon requirements also vary depending on the situation for the player, but they still help the player with an attack that is able to completely obliterate the enemies.

ffxv-uncovered (15)

If you still haven’t finished the game, then you should be wary of spoilers revealing the summons ahead, but in case you have finished the game, you can find out the requirements for summoning them in battle.

Titan: Ally incapacitated
Ramuh: Fight has gone on for a long time
Levi: Noctis in danger state
Shiva: All of the above.

If any of the above conditions are met, we have to keep the L2 button pressed to trigger the summon, which is usually an attack that can overkill the enemy, whether it is a mini boss fight or a random mob of monsters.

There are two more summons in the game that won’t be playable, they are Ifrit and Bahamut. Both of these can only be seen by playing the story but unfortunately they can’t be used in the open world.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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