Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Unlock And Level Up Chocobos

Final Fantasy XV features a car that can be used to travel throughout the world map, but it also has Chocobos that will be necessary to travel the open world and go off-road. These Chocobos are not unlockable at the start of the game but will require the player to progress the story a little further in order to unlock them.

Once you reach Chapter 3 in Final Fantasy XV and unlock the Duscae region, you will be able to unlock the Chocobos by heading to the Wiz Chocobo Outpost, which is located in the Duscae region. Once there, you can take down a Hunt ‘A Behemoth Undertaking’ which is the same as the Episode Duscae demo released last year. This can be a challenging  boss fight so make sure you are leveled up according to the requirements of the boss fight.

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Once you have accepted this hunt, you will have to fight the Behemoth called Deadeye which can be located in the Nebulawood area of the Duscae region. A short quest will initiate once you are there which requires you to trail the monster leading to a boss fight. Killing him will unlock the option to rent Chocobos and they can be called anywhere on the world map by using the Chocobo whistle.


In order to level up the Chocobos, you simply need to use them more. They gain experience points once used and each level up can unlock new abilities, or improve their stats like stamina, health or jump. They have a total of 10 levels.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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